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Nevada Cassidys

2 large matching spiderweb Candelaria variscite cabochons from the Nevada Cassidys

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Item #: cdv12016a

Weight: 45.8 carats, 44.7 carats

Dimensions: 36.6x27.2x6.1 mm, 36.5x27.5x6.2 mm

Description: A rare twosome of matching light blue spiderweb Candelaria variscite cabochons cut from psuedomorph varscite nuggets designed by the Nevada Cassidys. We happened accross this material in a trade. The stones are from a rockshop that closed it's doors in the 1980s. The stones were likely dug in the 1960s or 1970s. These varscite cabochons are solid, untreated and unbacked.