Collection: Natural Stone Mountain Turquoise

Stone Mountain Turquoise is from the high desert of Lyon County, Nevada.

Various miners and prospectors had come across this deposit since at least, the early 1900s. A few notable names attached to the claim previous to 1970 are "Taubert", "Harcross" and "Godber". Walter Godber of the legendary "Godber-Burnham" claim had purchased a group of claims including the Stone Mountain area from Otto Taubert previous to his discoveries in Central Nevada that later made him famous. The area that encompasses Stone Mountain Mine has been claimed, dropped and reclaimed by different entities throughout it's history.

Stone Mountain Turquoise is a top quality stone! Most of the turquoise found at Stone Mountain Mine is high grade, gem turquoise. Even some of the paler colors of Stone Mountain Turquoise polish with a high gloss. All of the Stone Mountain Turquoise stones are untreated and carefully cleaned and sorted.

Stone Mountain Turquoise in northern Nevada