About Us

Suzanne Cassidy - Owner, lapidary artist, silversmith

Canyon Cassidy - Manager, lapidary artist, photographer

Mailing Address: PO BOX 222 Silver City, NV 89428

For inquires: (775) 847-0753 | info@nevadacassidys.com

Back in 1982 we were involved in claiming and original naming of "Stone Mountain" for a new name of the mine site and begun hard rock mining turquoise in the form of veins and nuggets. The area had been subject to blanket claims through the 1960s and 70s until the early 1980s. Eventually the site was released as it was not proficient for copper. This opened the door for regular folks to claim the mine. Previous to the blanket claims a few well documented miners had rock hounded the area. One being Godber then Taubert and then Harcross. All of these names were found to be names pointing to the same zone. According to our research these claims were possibly very near or within the vicinity of Stone Mountain Mine. Stone Mountain Mine produces a large variety of color and pattern, The colors range in a full spectrum of blue and green with some stones having a blend. In addition to mining, we have taken up lapidary work and silver smithing.

In 2003, Canyon set-up our website at http://www.nevadacassidys.com and
since then we have been concentrating on preparing turquoise for sale. After tumbling and cleaning, we grade for type, size, and color.

Some stones must first be cut on a slab or trim saw, then it is on to a grinder where we remove excess material. In the grinding stage, we "window" the bottom or flat side of the stone. This method allows the true color and matrix pattern with-in the stone to be revealed. The result can be varied because the stones tend to change throughout each piece. The series of grinding grits are 100, 360, 600, 1200, 3000, 14000 diamond grit for a graduated finish. We do not polish the "windowed" side. This allows the lapidary artist to make the decision as to how to further cut and polish the stone.

However, we do take our cabochons and some specimens to a high polish using a 50,000 mesh diamond-polishing method. We sell our turquoise by rough, windowed, specimen, and cabochon. Rough and windowed are sold by the gram. Cabochons are sold by the carat. Stone Mountain specimens are occasionally available and are priced by rarity, quality, weight, and lapidary work. Our weekend hobby and now life's work and business, are adventuring in new ways.
Along the way we have met many wonderful people. Soon, we hope to have a section on our website that is a gallery of artisan works, including some of our own.