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Suzanne Cassidy - Owner
Canyon Cassidy - Manager, lapidary artist, photographer

Mailing Address: PO BOX 222 Silver City, NV 89428

For inquires: (775) 847-0753 | info@nevadacassidys.com


In the late 1970s a group of friends discovered a handful of blue turquoise nuggets as they made their way through dusty hills near Yerington Nevada. The area had been subject to blanket claims through the 1960s until the early 1980s. Eventually the claim lapsed, this opened the door to the public. While filing claim documents a name was settled on as "Stone Mountain". Quickly the group began hard rock mining turquoise along surface veins and seems. For an in depth history of Stone Mountain Mine Click Here. Presently, we are focused on producing finished turquoise and other gemstones from our collection.

Stone Mountain Mine produces a large variety of color and pattern, The colors range in a wide spectrum of blue to green with many stones displaying dramatic blends.

Some stones must first be cut on a slab or trim saw, then on a grinder where we remove excess material and do further shaping. The series of grinding polish we use are 100, 360, 600, 1200, 3000, 12000 then a last buff at 50,000 microns.


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