Collection: Natural Turquoise Cabochons

At Nevada Cassidys the creation of a cabochon is an art form. We take care and "peace of mind" when designing any of our natural turquoise cabochons, turquoise free forms, and most of all the turquoise cabochon suites.

Natural Turquoise Cabochons

All the turquoise cabochons we sell are natural and untreated. Our turquoise cabochons are un-backed and the stones are hand selected for cabochon making.

natural turquoise cabochons

We focus on the natural shape and pattern of each stone and do not force any stones into a shape. We use turquoise vein material, turquoise nuggets and some of the stones are cut with a rock saw and have a natural host rock backing.

Cabochon = "A cabochon , from the Middle French caboche (head), is a gemstone which has been shaped and polished as opposed to faceted The resulting form is usually a convex top with a flat bottom." - wikipedia

* If you have any questions or comments about our turquoise cabochons feel free to contact us!