A six stone suite of teal blue turquoise cabochons from Stone Mountain Mine

A stunning teal Stone Mountain Turquoise cabochon suite designed by the Nevada Cassidys
Price: $478.15


Weight: 31.7 carats, 30.4 carats, 24.9 carats, 17 carats, 12.6 carats, 12.3 carats

Dimensions: 33.3x24.5x4.8 mm, 34.4x21.5x6.5 mm, 28.6x19.9x5.8 mm, 24.6x19.7x4.6 mm, 26.1x13.8x4.5 mm, 29x14.8x3.4 mm

Description: A section of turquoise vein frm Stone Mountain Mine selected to be kept together to make a well matched turquoise cabochon suite. We first cut the stones from a hard hostrock and then shaped and polished each while retiaingin the general dimenasions of each stone. This suite of teal-blue turquoise cabochons is a signature pattern found at Stone Mountain Mine. These cabochons are unbacked an natural turquoise from the high deserts of Northern Nevada.

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