6 stone apple green variscite cabochon suite from southern Utah

A six stone cabochon suite of apple green variscite from southern Utah.
Price: $61.75


Weight: 13 carats, 10.5 carats, 8.5 carats, 4 carats, 3 carats, 3 carats

Dimensions: 30.3x17.4x3.3 mm, 23.3x16.7x4.1 mm, 21.6x15.9x3.3 mm, 16.5x11.9x2.6 mm, 16.4x10.5x2.4 mm, 16.2x10.6x2.5 mm

Description: Variscite from southern Utah fashioned into a six stone apple green varscite cabochon suite. This variscite comes from a well-known area of southern Utah. We obtained a small amount for cabochon making as we liked the particular shade of the variscite that has a nice grannysmith apple color. These cabochons are untreated and un-backed.

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