5.8 grams green turquoise vein stones from Stone Mountain Mine

Three green turquoise vein stones from Stone Mountain Mine. These stones are all completely natural un-mess-with turquoise that has been tumbled to remove grit and dust.
Price: $23.20


Weight: 5.8 grams

Dimensions: 27x18x3-4, 25x15x3mm, 24x16x2-3 mm

Three green vein stones discovered by the Nevada Cassidys at Stone Mountain Mine. Although green is not typical for turquoise green turquoise is more common at Stone Mountain Mine. This variety of green is hard and tends to have an tight green to brown matrix pattern. These turquoise stones have been tumbed to remove grit and dirt with two of the stones ground slightly to reveal color and pattern. All the turquoise we sell is untreated and natural.

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