4.8 carat green turquoise cabochons from near Yerington NV (Harcross turquoise)

A high dome green Harcross turquoise cabochon from the high deserts of northern Nevada. This turquoise cabochon is un-backed and untreated.
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Weight: 4.8 carats

Dimensions: 15x10x3-5  mm

Description: Here is a high dome green turquoise cabochon from a Harcross deposit. Harcross turquoise is an early grouping of claims that preceded Stone Mountain Mine and focused in the nearby area.

* The main Harcross claim appear to us as being Taubert #1. Essentially Harcross is from the early prospects adjacent to Stone Mountain. The turquoise from Harcross is very hard material typically forming in seems but with occasional nuggets in voids where clay had settled with colors ranging from dark blue to light blue to teal-green.


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