25 stone green turquoise cabochon mega-suite from Stone Mountain Mine

351.5 carats of green Stone Mountain Turquoise cabochons by the Nevada Cassidys
Price: $1,314.40


Description: A 25 stone batch of turquoise nuggets from Stone Mountin Mine fashioned into an exquisite green turquoise cabochon suite. These turquoise cabochons are all unbacked and untreated natural turquoise from the high deserts of Northern Nevada. We take careful consideration before cuttng each stone to retain it's natural beauty. This collection of green Stone Mountain Turquoise encompasses a great variety of the patterns found in green shaded turquoise at Stone Mountain Mine.

Weight: 18.1 carats, 18.9 carats, 19.8 carats, 20.6 carats, 21.4 carats
Dimensions: 23.2x17.4x5.2 mm, 26.9x18.9x4.7mm, 27.7x20.7x4.2mm, 28.6x20.1x4.8 mm, 37.1x20.6x3.5 mm

Weight: 14.8 carats, 15.7 carats, 17.5 carats, 17.7 carats, 17.8 carats
Dimensions: 22.9x18.6x4.2 mm, 27.4x16.1x4.1 mm, 23.1x22x4.7 mm, 23.6x15.7x5.8 mm, 28.9x14.8x5.2 mm

Weight: 13 carat, 13.4 carats, 13.6 carats, 14.1 carats, 14.6 carats
Dimensions: 24.6x17.8x4.2 mm, 23x.2x16.1x4.5mm, 23.2x16.6x4.7 mm, 19.7x18.8x4.9 mm, 19.9x15.6x5.8 mm

Weight: 10.7 carats, 10.8 carats, 11.2 carats, 11.6 carats, 11.6 carats
Dimensions: 20.6x16.4x4 mm, 23x16.8x3.5 mm, 23x16.7x3.4 mm, 23.2x18.7x3.5 mm, 22x14.5x4.3 mm

Weight: 7.6 carats, 8.1 carats, 8.6 carats, 10.1 carats, 10.2 carats
Dimensions: 19.5x16.3x3 mm, 21.9x12.5x4.1mm, 24.5x15x2.6 mm, 17.9x17.6x4.7 mm, 25.1x19.2x3 mm

*351.5 carats in total

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