Turquoise Specimens

Turquoise Specimens from Stone Mountain Mine

* Stone Mountain Turquoise Specimens are in all shapes and sizes. However when we discover a very large turquoise stone or a group of large stones we showcase them as turquoise specimens. They can be in block-like nugget form or in plate like vein structures and also in massive nuggets. Many of the larger turquoise stones bear crystalline structures or "botryoidal" formations.

botryoidal turquoise

Geology is such a wonder!
Some of the turquoise crystals displayed here are in cabochon form. We have taken great care in preserving the natural contour and structure of all our best turquoise crystal specimens. Some of the crystal formations are botryoidal, silicate or in triclinic clusters or influenced by limonite and/or quartz. This gives for a great variety of angles to each stone. Some of the stones are formed in more ways than one. This gives us a mind-numbing amount of ways to shape each stone and still keep its natural integrity.


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