Rough Turquoise

Untreated Rough Turquoise from Stone Mountain Mine

Natural turquoise vein in hostrockThe Stone Mountain deposit has many interesting geological traits. The area has a large variety of mineral combinations that are sometime visible on the surface rocks. The turquoise formed in an area with a high percentage of Limonite a mineral formed by the presence of iron. The iron in this mineral influenced the rock structure to gather and collect a variety of contact minerals. This is a recipe for some very unusual and stunning varieties of turquoise. In addition to the heavy amount of iron is the mineral, magnesium. The combination of iron and magnesium creates a harder, longer-lasting bond gemstones. All the rough turquoise we sell is completely natural and untreated. We use NO resins, dyes or stabilization processes. Stone Mountain Turquoise is very sturdy and does not need enhancement. When harvesting turquoise from the deserts of Nevada we take our time to ensure we do not harm the turquoise while it is extracted. The use of hand tools over large equipment, while a slower process enables us to harvest larger stones and helps eliminate damage to stones during excavation.

Rough turquoise for sale:

Blue turquoise - Green turquoise - Multi Color Turquoise - Turquoise nuggets

* All of the rough turquoise you see here is from Stone Mountain Mine.

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