This batch of Stone Mountain Turquoise cabochons display a signature of pattern from one of our favorite turquoise veins at Stone Mountain Mine.

Five green matched turquoise cabochons from Stone Mountain Mine

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Weight: 16.0, 13.4, 9.6, 6.1, 4.8 carats

Dimensions: 32.2x18.4x3.7 mm, 26.2x16.6x4.5 mm, 21.5x14.2x4.1 mm, 18.6x10.5x4.3 mm, 16.8x10.1x3.3 mm

Description: Here is a matched suite of green Stone Mountain Turquoise cabochon that are all from the same vein, a signature pattern found at Stone Mountain Mine. These turquoise cabochons are unbacked and untreated.

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